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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Paradis Island Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), updated as of December 2023:


1. Where is Paradis Island located?

Paradis Island is located at Lake Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna.


2. How much are the rates for the villas?




- 2 Guests: Villa 2 - ₱5,700

- 4 Guests: Villa 2 - ₱7,700

- 6 Guests: Villa 2 - ₱9,700

- 8 Guests: Villa 1 - ₱12,000

- 10 Guests: Villa 1 - ₱15,000




a. For 11 guests and up, as well as for events, accommodation prices are available upon quotation.

b. Inclusions:

-Use of all amenities

c. Dinner and breakfast package is 900 pesos per guest (for groups of 5 people and up) and 1,000 pesos per guest (for groups of 4 people and below).

d. For 6 Guests, an upgrade to Villa 1 is available by adding 1,000 pesos to the accommodation cost.

e. Price is subject to change without prior notice.

f. For events and team buildings, the whole island can accommodate up to 50 people.

g. Infants 0-3 years old are free of charge. The rate also includes kitchen fee and service/cleaning fee. 

h. Guests can avail the whole island option by renting both Villas 1 and 2 on the selected dates, subject to availability.

i. 1 pets is free per villa booking and it’s 500 pesos for every additional pet


3. Where can we see the photos?

Villa 1 photos/video


Villa 2 Photos


​4. How do we rent the whole island?

If you want to avail the whole island, you may book both Villas 1 and 2 on your select dates, subject to availability.


Infants 0-3 years old are free of charge. The rate includes the use of the amenities, kitchen fee and service/cleaning fee.


5. Other Costs

*Round Trip Boat trip (One-way pick up and one-way drop off) is 2,000 pesos.

*Additional requests for boat rides (e.g. errands or late guests) will be automatically charged 1,000 pesos.

*Parking fee is 200 pesos each car per night at the port, to be paid to the parking caretaker.

*For Airbnb bookings, the price will be subject to airbnb guest service fee of 6% to 20%.

*Hourly generator fee for extended usage at 300 pesos per hour.


6. What are the amenities and other activities that we can do on the island?

Included in the package are:​

   - Overnight Stay in the selected Villa

   - One round trip boat fee (One-way pick up and one-way drop off)

   - Paradis outdoor bohemian setup

   - Flower hot bath in ‘kawa’

   - Glamping 

   - Outdoor warm tub

   - Bonfire

   - Kayaking

   - Swimming in the lake

   - Use of life vests

   - Use of floating cabana

   - Use of tree hut

   - Lake sunset watching

   - Fishing and use of fishing rods (in the lake side or when you are in the kayak)


7. Food, Meals and Drinks?

Dinner and breakfast package is 900 pesos per guest (for groups of 5 people and up) and 1,000 pesos per guest (for groups of 4 people and below).


8. Is ‘Paradis Island’ pet-friendly?

Us here at Paradis-Island are pet lovers just as much as you are. 1 pet is free per villa booking, and 2 pets free for the whole island booking. Every additional pet is 500 pesos per night.

9. How do we get to ‘Paradis Island’?

For guests with private cars:

Waze Point: Lumot Lake Boat Terminal

From Manila, take SLEX going towards the Turbina Exit. From there, take the Milagrosa-Bucal Bypass, National Highway and then take General Taino. Continue following this route then you will reach the Lumot Lake Boat Terminal. The boatman will assist you from there.


Commuting Options to Paradis

Option 1: Sta Cruz Van

1) Take the van to Sta Cruz from Alabang South Station

2) Take the jeep from Sta Cruz going to Lumot

3) If there is no jeep available from Sta Cruz to Lumot, you may take the jeep from Sta Cruz to Cavinti, then take Cavinti to Lumot either via jeep or tricycle.

4) Our staff will pick you up with our boat in Lumot Lake Boat Terminal.


Option 2

Alabang to Sta Cruz by Bus beside Starmall Alabang (1 hour longer than Option 1 due to stopovers)

1) HM Transport from Alabang to Sta Cruz

2) Take the jeep from Sta Cruz going to Lumot

3) If there is no jeep from Sta Cruz to Lumot, take the jeep from Sta Cruz to Cavinti, then take Cavinti to Lumot either via jeep or tricycle.

4) Our staff will pick you up with our boat in Lumot Lake Boat Terminal.


​10. Where do we park? Is the parking safe?

A safe car park near Lumot Lake Boat Terminal is available at 200 pesos for overnight stay. Kindly give your payment to the parking caretaker.


11. How long is the boat ride?​

The island is 15 minutes away by boat from the port.

12. How do we book or reserve?

​*Booking thru our website via paypal (paypal, credit card, debit card)

​*Booking via Airbnb

4-Bedroom Villa 1:


1-Bedroom Villa 2:


*Bank Account and other Payment Details​

BPI Checking Account

Bon Conseil Consultancy and Services Inc.



BDO Checking Account

Bon Conseil Consultancy and Services Inc.



Paypal Details



Maureen U.




Maureen U.


13. What time is the check-in and check-out?

Check-in time is at 3pm to give way for sanitation and disinfection of the villa and amenities. Check-out is at 11am.

14. Can we arrive at an earlier time in the island? What time is the earliest check-in in the villa?

BOAT pick up / drop off schedule is strictly based on booking check in/out time.


15. Can we just walk-in?

We strongly require advance booking since there are days that we are fully booked. Please do message us your dates so we can check our calendar.


16. How big is the island and what is the maximum capacity for events and overnight stay?

The island is around 6,800 sq. m. in lot area, and we only have a few villas for rental to preserve the exclusivity and privacy of the guests booking for their holidays and staycations. We can accommodate 50 - 70 pax for events and 30 - 40 pax for overnight stay in the villas and glamping tents.


17. Do you accommodate private events such as wedding, birthday or debut parties?

​Yes, we offer venue rental for intimate private events, kindly message us for packages.

18. Do you have other packages?

Yes, we offer intimate events packages for 15 - 50 pax with boho vintage chic theme for wedding, birthday, family reunion, anniversary, team building, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.

19. Are the Villa rooms air conditioned?

Paradis is an off-grid island, meaning it is without any electric and water lines. We only operate on solar panels in the morning and an electric generator set at night. There are multiple fans in the villa to support with the ventilation.

​It helps a lot that the lake and the island is located at the mountain top of Sierra Madre Mountain range, so it is pretty breezy and cool, especially at night.

20. Do you have a microwave, hair dryer or rice cooker in the villa?

​Since we are an off-grid island relying on solar power and generator, appliances with high wattage cannot be supported by our electric power. So, microwaves, hair dryers, rice cookers, and the like cannot be used in the island. For cooking, we have a gas range and charcoal grill that can be used.

21. What time is the generator open? Do you have extra charge when we request to open it outside the set schedule?

​Generator schedule:

3pm to 5pm

7pm to 3am

7am to 9am

If you want to use the generator outside the set schedule, it will cost 300 pesos per hour, with rest every after 5 hours.


22. Can we still have bohemian setup in the garden as shown in the photos when it is raining?

When it is raining, we can have the bohemian setup in spaces with roofs such as in the tree hut, glamping tents, or in the villas.


23. Can we just rent the glamping tents?

​No. We offer our Villas 1 and 2 for booking. Glamping tent is just part of our amenities and can be used and experienced by the guests for free when they book either villa.


​24. Can we pitch our tent in the island?

​We allow pitching of tents for free for our guests with confirmed booking in either of the villas.


​25. Can we reschedule when the weather is unfavorable on the date of our stay?

​We can reschedule based on the availability of the preferred new date.


​26. Can we refund our payment or reservation or rebook if we cannot come on the booking date?

​We have a No Show, No Refund Policy. We don't do refund but we are open for rebooking.


​27. Can we pay our balance through debit or credit card on the island?

​We don’t have debit or credit card terminal on the island. We prefer the accommodation payment to be sent or deposited via BDO, BPI, Paypal, Gcash or Paymaya payment. For food, drinks, massage and boat fees, you can settle them with cash at Paradis.

​There are cash machines/ATMs at Cavinti town proper at the Municipal Building (DBP and Landbank) and at Pagsanjan town proper.


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Terms and Conditions

1.    Pencil booking is NOT ALLOWED. Reservation fee must be paid and confirmed for it to be valid. Consequently too, the moment a slot is reserved the guests bind themselves to the terms and conditions contained herein.

2.    The reservation is considered confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation message, booking details and health declaration form which must be filled up by every guest and submitted 48 hours before the check in.

3.    The booking details form indicates the date as well as the Villa paid for. Any error found must be reported to us immediately, otherwise it is deemed to have been accepted as correct by the guest.

4.    Upon booking, the guest accepts that Paradis Island is not a resort, hotel or a luxury destination with the amenities and comforts usually found in such places. The island is powered by solar and generator only. 

5.    All payment charges, fees and conversion adjustments, if any, shall be shouldered by the guests. 

6.    Prior to check in, all outstanding balances related to the booking must be fully settled through online channels. 

7.    Check-in time is 3:00pm (or 8am in some instances) and check-out is at 11:00am.

8.    Our commitment is limited to what is indicated in the booking confirmation, island rules and issued vouchers/certificates.

9.    NO SHOW, NO REFUND POLICY is strictly enforced.

10.  A cancelled booking is not refundable. However, a booking can be assigned or transferred, rescheduled or rebooked within two (2) years.

11.  Rebooking of any schedule is only allowed if requested at least two (2) weeks before the intended visit. There is no charge for the first three (3) bookings but succeeding ones shall be charged a ten (10%) rebooking fee.

12. Paradis Island is a private getaway. It is our pleasure to share it with you. Although we assure you that Paradis is a safe, secure and comfortable place, we do not make guarantees or warranties. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, inconveniences or medical conditions that you may suffer due to any accidents, mishaps, misfortunes or eventualities brought about by your stay with us. Always be mindful of your safety and security.  

Island Rules

  1. PARKING area, located near the port, is open to all guests and visitors at a fixed daily or overnight rate per vehicle payable upon demand.  

  2. BOAT pick up / drop off schedule is strictly based on booking check in/out time.

  3. FEES for accommodation, boat, cleaning, kitchen and meals shall be paid online while tips, island store payments, other charges and penalties can be received by the island caretakers.

  4. PENALTIES are imposed on the guests for loss of items or damages due to improper/misuse of any item and property at Paradis.

  5. FOOD, DRINKS, ICE and other supplies can be brought in but take note that there are no fridge or freezer in the island.

  6. UTILITIES are available but must be conserved. The island has deep well water source, solar panels, generator and prepaid internet. Excessive use may result in interruption of service.

  7. SUPPLIES (toilet papers, soaps, shampoos; towels, sheets and pillows) are provided, in proportion to the number of guests, for island use only and cannot be taken out of the premises.

  8. AMENITY and LEISURE items can be enjoyed free of charge for these villas:

    *Villa 1 (16 pax) is entitled to one (1) bohemian set up, 1 bonfire and use of 1 board game set, tree hut, cabana, 1 kawa if 1 to 5pax or 2 kawas if 6 to 10 pax or 3 kawas if 11 pax to 24pax, 1 kayak if 1 to 5pax or 2kayaks if 6 to 10pax or 3 kayaks if 11 pax to 24pax, 1 fishing rod if 1 to 5pax or 2 rods if 6 to 10 pax or 3 rods if 11 pax to 24pax.

    *Villa 2 (5 pax) is entitled to one (1) bohemian set up, 1 bonfire and use of 1 board game set, balsa, nipa hut, 1 hot bath, 1kayak, 1 fishing rod.


  9. RESPECT and COURTESY should be accorded to the place, other guests and caretakers. Do not litter, pollute the waters, pick plants/ flowers, vandalize the property, harm pets and commit acts which violate other's rights.

  10. SAFETY and SECURITY shall be your own lookout. Life vests should be worn when in a boat or kayak, children should not be left unattended, elderlies should be assisted, valuables should be kept secure and other precautionary measures should be observed.

  11. REQUESTS for set ups, arrangements, menus and other preferences can be accommodated subject to management's approval.

  12. ISLAND CARETAKERS are available to assist and take care of your needs from 7 am to 7 pm.

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