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Paradis Island is an eco-friendly and unspoiled private island for rent. In which, guests can enjoy either one, or both of the 2 lake villas that we have to offer. Each villa is rustic furnished and has fully set-up glamping tents. Located at Cavinti, Laguna, it can be found near Lake Lumot at the Sierra Madre mountain top, approximately a 3 hours’ drive from Manila. 

Paradis is the French word for paradise, pronounced with silent s [paʀadi]. Thus, Paradis Island is a haven for those who like peaceful environments. We, of course, want our guests to fully experience our Paradis way of living and unwinding.

The Space

Paradis Island is 6,800 sq.m. in total, spacious enough for 2 villas to occupy. Being on a remote and virgin island, our resources are limited for power and water. This, however, highlights the eco-friendly, peaceful, and natural vibe of the island. Rest assured, we operate on solar panels and a scheduled power generator set for the comfort of the guests. We also have a water pump and tank for the water supply. The villa has no aircon units but is well-ventilated, furnished with electric fans and screen windows so the guests can stay and sleep comfortably. It also helps that the lake and the island are situated on the top of Sierra Madre Mountain. So, it is not as warm as compared to the city living temperature. It gets pretty cool even on summer nights at around 24 - 26 degrees Celsius.

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